ASAP Utilities

ASAP Utilities 4.7.1

Add more than 300 functions to Excel

ASAP Utilities contains over 300 useful and powerful utilities to fill the gaps in Excel, and automate frequently used tasks. Here are just a few of the tools that you will find in this program:

A few of ASAP's popular tools:

  • Deselect cells
  • Apply formula to selected range
  • Conditional select cells (i.e. cells > 12 or red cells)
  • Copy a worksheet's page and print settings
  • Vision control, view workbooks, sheets and easily change their settings
  • Print multiple sheets
  • Color each n'th row or column
  • File import and export (txt, csv, dbf, xls, gif, jpg, etc.)
  • Export selection as HTML table (including formats, colors etc.)

ASAP Utilities


ASAP Utilities 4.7.1

User reviews about ASAP Utilities

  • docsms

    by docsms

    "Most of what Excel forgot in one package"

    Use this for a couple of weeks and you will wonder how you did without it. Merge columns and rows without losing content... More.

    reviewed on June 22, 2012

  • mahimahi77

    by mahimahi77


    Saves me many hours of my time. I am using excel a lot and this tool helps with many repetitive tasks, cleaning up messy... More.

    reviewed on May 16, 2012

  • hayclan

    by hayclan

    "Would have been GREAT but ...."

    This would have been a wonderful addition to my applications. I work in Excel all the time and have been frustrated by ... More.

    reviewed on December 5, 2011